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Press Release 01/01/2017



Palermo seeks to add to its list of  Registered Visitors.

1. Existing Customers;

Eligible for 2 or 3x normal Rebate dollar amounu; purchases to complete before 12/31/2017.


2 . 1st time Registrants;

Eligible for US Savings Bond Drawing; 01/01/ 2017 to 12/31/2017; monthly Drawings/Winners to be announced; inclusive in "Social Media"


email Marketing

GOAL!: Increase list of potential online buyers & secure their email addresses, respectively. 

Palermo Registrants'  receive, up to 3 email notices per calendar year, advertising and announcing "Savings - Deals, Coupons, Double Rebate Programs and Free Gifts, & much much more."  Registration is free. No Purchase Necessary, Please register,   

Palermo REQUEST all visitors to Register & open email account. WHY? .... to stay  in touch... keeping posted... moreover, Palermo Registrants' receive, up to 3 email notices per calendar year, advertising and announcing "Savings - Deals, Coupons, Double & Triple Rebate Programs, Contest, Free products, Free Trials, promotions and other Scholarship & Sponsorship Specials" .  Registration is free. No Purchase Necessary,  Please register,   

Drawings (monthly)  

New Visitors that register between 01/012017 to 12/31/2017 are automatically entered into Drawing... Briefly tell me how it works?,,,Online Registrations are tally(ied) each month; Only new registrants qualify for Drawings, selected name (shall be) Awarded Series E $25.00 US Savings Bonds. Names are selected monthly from new registrants list; No purchase necessary.


Briefly, How does it work? New Online  Registrations are collected, classified  and  tally(ied) each month; On a advertised future date ONE name is selected as winner....Only new registrants qualify for US Bond Award. All  who Register, qualify to receive up to 3 email notices, promoting products listed on website. plus Winner (shall be) Awarded Series E $25.00 US Savings Bond; No purchase necessary.  Next Drawing 02/15/2017. "Winner to be Announced 02/15/2017". See Announcement Facebook;  i.e.,Social Media

Remember.....Palermo Guarantees that products, listed on this website, are, taken from "Palermo's Best Manufacturers/Sellers List; ...and as such; (a) lower in price than, Manufacturer's Suggested Retail  Price; plus (b) Free Shipping, (c) Free Returns, (d) Free Warranties, (e) Coupons, (f) Outstanding Customer Service and more....much much more,.... 



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