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Palermo Books & Educational Materials - Online Billboard Marketing - Book Jobbers; & Supplier


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Palermo Books & Educational Materials is an Online Bookstore; Subscription Agency, and Affiliate Marketer, Sharing Profits with Charities and American Veteran & Disabled

American Veteran Organizations.


ALERT: Requirements: to Qualify for Rebate 

1. Register;  

2. Checkout Transaction; (minimum) must meet $37.10USD;        

3. Buyers method of Payment must be US -  

Bank recognized, visa; master card or SKRILL. ...more


Palermo Books & Educational Materials BBB Business Review 


The Books, Electronic Library Subscription Services & related Educational Products are sourced from 200+ Publishers;, primarily Textbook Publishers;  Whereas, Software Publishers, Developers & licensed dealers, Generaly Ship by Downloading the purchased Product DIRECT to Buyers "MACHINE" - "COMPUTER".Palermo Ships witinin 8 Business Hours of Payment Posting Date. Palermo ships Globally. 

Other Affiliates "Manufacturers". Expressly  dealers of New & Not New Electronic Devices & new & Not New Tapes;.are shipped Direct to Buyer, ONLY!.


TO All Prudent Buyers;; in search for a NEW Electronic Device, i.e., Cameras; Desk/Lap's;

  are encouraged to checkout the "so-called" "not new" (refurbished) Electronic Devices;... In particular note the WARRANTY & GUARANTEE, carried by each; also note that each DEVICE is branded by a GRADE (Microsoft Certified); Click the Brand Name, highlited, to visit the many Deals;  also note the availabilty of extended Warranties, if any; Read "Quality Controll" comment[s]; compare devices DEPENDABILITY, GENERAL SPECS & MARKET APPEAL; Buyers appreciate dealers NO HASSLE, FREE; 2 way  RETURN POLICY.

Note: Rebate Information  IMPORTANT   

1. Rebates are paid within 15 Banking

Days of posted Payment., Provided:

(a).Transaction meets Qualfications .

(b). Buyer releases any return

Authorization, if any..

(c). Palermo applies the amount due

Buyer to Buyer’s method of payment; i.e.,

Credit/Debit card.   ...more








Read reason[S] given by Returning Buyers.



Preparing for The "College" Admission (Prep)  Exams - click "The Princeton Review"

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Find what your looking for  Image result for image question mark 
If you have Brand Name &  a few additional details, i.e., product specifications, or Model / Serial numbers, ..Please.list same on FORM  "Request a Quote"   Normally, we can locate and respond

 within 24 Business Hours; providing the inquiring Buyer, with: pricing, availabilty and Shipping/Delivery information, 


Got Another QUESTION? or want Clarity, please email us:




   12-inch MacBook …




Explore free online professional development sessions.Pre-School; Elementary (K-2); Elementary (3-5); Middle School; High School

The Books we List are Generally test prep online tutoring, found with Students, Teachers and persons in Academia; Palermo is designed to accomodate PreK - Post Grad; "State of Art" teaching & Learning tools,  includes: materials for learning & teaching Languages. Reference books, Textbooks, with & without software. Book & Book Chapters- eTextbooks, Book Rentals, Bbok Chapter Rentals & Used Books.

Books by Course Subject Materials; Books on the Sciences, Medical Textbooks;  Space, and Astrophysics; Trade books, Novels; Fiction, & Non Fiction; Childrens Literacy & Library Services; Electronic Subscription Services, I.e., Journals, Periodicals, Serials, etc....more 

About Us – Shipping from Manufacturer - Direct Ship 

Palermo also, operates within other Business Models, I.e., Affiliate, Content & Internet Marketing. Buyers may choose to deal direct with Manufacturer; Buyers are free to do so. Advertised Rebate, will be honored and paid by Palermo.....more. 


Palermo Books & Educational Materials BBB Business Review

A few more reasons why Palermo encourages Visitors, Voyaguers, Navigators & Shoppers to become a "Registrant" (aka: Member); include but are not limited to,are as follows: 

  1. Rebate Eligibility:  

(a) Register. (b) Qualify for Rebate with Minimum transaction at checkout of $37.10 USD.  

(c) Dollar amount of Rebate will range between 2.9 to 5.9 % of transactions NET Profits. 

(d) Questions re: Bulk Orders, or multiple ship to addresses or any other query        send email to ..more. 


2.Drawing Eligibility 

(a) Register.   

(b) Drawing Details; "Once each Calendar month, a Registered Members name (WINNER) is pulled from a "DRUM". The selected name & photo & caption of the (WINNER) is publish on 1-5 Social Media Networks. (c) WINNER receives "Individual – Series EE Savings Bond – Treasury Direct"; matured value $25.00 USD....more 


3 Opportunity Alerts 

(a) Register 

(b) Be Among the first of those who receive up to 3 notices a year announcing "Freebies"; Coupons, Discounts & many other products; many include Free Shipping....more 




Tips on Shop & Buy 


"Shop by Category". Scroll... select desired Product or its Manufacturer, once product is located; read all specification information. Check warranty, and delivery date promised confirm (tracking service); Lock in PALERMO'S Quote; Secure for 24 bussiness Hours, Guaranteed,

"Shop by Category". Scroll... select desired Product or its Manufacturer, once product is located; read all specification information. Check warranty, and delivery date promised confirm (tracking service);  

 under contract, in the specified Task.(1) Ingram Content   (2). Library Services: Perodicals, Journals),  (3).  Tapes, (4)Cataloging & MARC Enrichment Service; (5)  Engraving; (4). New










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