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Palermo Rebate Program

Palermo Books & Educational Materials

ALERT: Requirements: to Qualify for Rebate 

1. Register;  Account Holders; Privacy; 2. Purchase; Shopping Cart - Checkout Transaction; (minimum) must meet $37.10 USD;  3. Buyers method of Payment must be US -  Bank recognized, visa; master card or SKRILL ...Rebate


Palermo reminds all Online Shoppers & BUYERS;  

to  register.

failure to register may affect or effect timely payment of Rebate, if any.

Purchases exceeding $37.10, 

in 1 transaction, entitles Buyer to a No Hassle,  

No Forms Rebate;


ALL Buyers need to know that; Not all products listed on this website are eligible for Rebate. Please read  PRODUCT title/description page; email questions to: ....   
Note: The dollar amount of Buyer’s Promised Rebate, if any, is displayed on PRODUCT title/description page;


Buyer also needs to know; Products listed, sold & shipped by AMAZON, (Shopping Cart), are not eligible for Palermo Rebate. Palermo is a registered Associate with AMAZON. Prudent Buyers, may experience competitive Pricing, with or without Rebate. 


Rebates range between 2.9 to 5.9% of total sale,  

and are paid within 15 banking  

days after 


has received, and accepted products Purchased, and confirms  

that the return period has expired. 


The method used to issue Rebate  

is made by Palermo's credit 

to buyers credit card or other method used by buyer  

to make their  payment. 


"Palermo is solely responsible for  

designating what products are eligilble for Rebate,...".  

"Palermo maintains responsiblity for  

calculating and recording the amount of  

any Rebate, and the payment thereof. 


Q & A 

Why do I have to wait for my Rebate credit? 

All Manufacturers, and Palermo  

have a return policies, that honors buyers  

entitlement to return a purchased product,... 

and secure 100% Cash Refund; 


Buyers who purchase software downloads, or returns 

with broken seals; 

will read that there is no return policy for software; 



Amazon  says; Amazon shoppers are not eligible for Rebate


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Palermo Books & Educational Materials 

Palermo Enterprises Inc 







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