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2.Drawing Eligibility 

First Time Registered Buye rsales transaction qualifier is waived. First time Buyers need not   are entitled to Rebate

(a) Register.   

(b) Drawing Details; "Once each Calendar month, a Registered Members name (WINNER) is pulled from a "DRUM". The selected name & photo & caption of the (WINNER) is publish on 1-5 Social Media Networks. (c) WINNER receives "Individual – Series EE Savings Bond – Treasury Direct"; matured value $25.00 USD....more 


3 Opportunity Alerts 

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(b) Be Among the first of those who receive up to 3 notices a year announcing "Freebies"; Coupons, Discounts & many other products; many include Free Shipping....more 




Tips on Shop & Buy 


Ingram Content, Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble , Cisco Press, ; Google; CS First, Coding & Programing, IBM, Majors Medical, Microsoft Press, NASA and SETI.  

selected Manufacturers of Educational Materials, Book Publishers, Software developers & Licensed distributors of new & used {Refurbished) Electronic Devices; other  Education & Curriculum resources, as  recorded by Library of Congress, (ISBN) and/or UNESCO.....more

Distributors, sellers of products listed on Palermo's website, 

advertise their policy, is "Free Returns"; In the event the ("SELLER")

change(s) their policy, Buyer is encouraged to email me at:, with details, including actual cost paid to 

carrier  necessary to consummate AUTHORIZED Return; include

carrier invoice as attachment. I hereby promise to reimburse "BUYER", accordingly.   





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